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Airwave is the distributor of CompuLab products in South Africa. CompuLab manufactures Computer-on-Module's (CoM's) - used as building blocks in custom applications design. Our products save design effort, shorten time-to-market and reduce the manufacturing cost of your application.

CompuLab's Computer-on-Module's are full-featured single board computers designed for mezzanine attachment to custom application through miniature high-density connectors.  They are available with ready-to-run packages for Linux, Windows CE and Windows XP

CompuLab is a leading manufacturer of "Computer on Module" (CoM) boards. CompuLab's products excel with an advanced set of features, outstanding level of integration, high reliability and affordable prices. CompuLab is the only company in the market focused on the CoM business. The attractiveness of CompuLab's products is a key contributor to the fast growth of the company's sales - over 200% in the last three years, while the embedded market was nearly flat. In 2006, annual manufacturing exceeded 90,000 units, positioning CompuLab as a key player in the CoM market, holding a share of approximately 20 percent. 

System-on-Module Concept Computer-on-Modules (CoM's) are tiny single-board computers, designed for mezzanine attachment as a "component" into a carrier card developed by the user, according to his application-specific needs. CompuLab's product line comprising CoM's based on several different processor architectures. Each module covers distinct range of price, performance and features, to create a line of comprehensive solutions for the diverse requirements of various industry sectors.

Features and benefits of CompuLab's CoM's All-in-one single board computers with CPU, memory and peripherals.
Based on ARM, x86, Pentium and Power PC processor architectures.
Very small size, many modules are smaller than a credit card.
CAMI pinout, common for all CoM products, allowing module's interchangeability.
NAND Flash Disk, implementing large on-board storage at low cost.
Comprehensive software packages, drivers and support for all major operating systems.
Built-to-order manufacturing process. Users order and pay for only those functions actually needed, further reducing the user's costs.

CompuLab continues to expand its CoM line with additional products and features, to keep it on the leading edge of technological progress.